Meet Tania - Mother and Entrepreneur

I don’t know where to begin on my background, haha.
My first career out of high school was as a hairstylist. The career lasted 10 years in which I also got married and had 2 children. Once I had my second child I ended up getting a divorce (ugh!) and couldn’t do hair anymore because of the evenings and weekends…no babysitter. So off I went to MacEwan University and graduated with a Public Relations Diploma. While I was in school, I remarried and had baby #3.  As a prerequisite to graduating, I had to complete a six week practicum which I did at Servus Credit Union. I turned the six weeks into a ten month contract as a communications specialist and was responsible for all of Servus’ social media. After my contract was up,  I decided to stay home with my children and welcomed baby #4 to our family. 
The idea for the online store came, when I was ordering from someone else all the time but they were always being sold out of items within a minute of them being launched. My best friend stopped by and I was telling her, “you wouldn’t believe how fast that dress sold out”. Then she said, “Why don’t you open your own store? You’re looking for a job you can do from home and you love clothes and shopping.” I thought about it for a while and after talking it over with friends and family I decided to give it a go. 
I’ve always hated working for other people. It’s always been my dream to have my own business and work for myself. My dad has always had his own business, and growing up I would follow him around and say I wanted to be just like him – a mechanic. Obviously once I got older cars just wasn’t my thing, but I definitely think I got the drive for running a business from my Dad. 
And voila, Blush Clothing Boutique was born!
I hope you encounter an enjoyable shopping experience with Blush Clothing Boutique. Thank you for supporting my small business endeavors which allows me to continue to be at home with my children as well as becoming an entrepreneur .
– Tania